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We welcome Red River Métis Youth 29 and under to apply for our programs through our user-friendly online application forms available on our website.

Individual Youth Support Program

Individual Youth Support Program (IYSP)

The IYSP provides annual support up to $350.00 to Red River Métis Youth 29 and under for participation in sports, recreation, and cultural activities.

Application Form: Individual Youth Support for Sports, Recreation, Arts & Culture

Believe Program

Believe Elite Athletic & Artistic Support Program

The Believe Program supports the commitment and dedication of accomplished athletes and performers that are 15-29 years old. This program accompanies youth ambitions in reaching their full potential and creates a foundation for new possibilities.

Application Form: Believe Elite Athletic and Artistic Support Program


Be inspired by the success stories of Red River Métis Youth.

Join our engaging events, relive thrilling sports achievements, and connect with MMF Affiliates forging meaningful relationships with our community.

Read up on their success stories, get inspired to reach for your own dreams and aspirations, and be a part of a larger community of young people with a shared story of resilience and strength to conquer any challenge.

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Our team is here to support you and help you find the resources you need to succeed.

We invite you to connect with your local Youth Program Officer and plan your path to success.

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