Youth Programming

We are committed to amplifying ambitions, instilling cultural connection, and sparking possibilities for brighter futures within the Red River Métis community.

Sports and Athletics

Supporting and celebrating sport, recreational, and cultural opportunities for Red River Métis Youth through support programs, athletic camps, and coaching development

  • Individual Youth Support Program (IYSP)

The IYSP provides annual support up to $350.00 to Red River Métis Youth 29 and under for participation in sports, recreation, and cultural activities.

Application Form: Individual Youth Support for Sports, Recreation, Arts & Culture

Believe Program

  • The Believe Elite Athletic and Artistic Support Program supports the commitment and dedication of accomplished athletes and performers that are 15-29 years old. This program accompanies youth ambitions in reaching their full potential and creates a foundation for new possibilities.

Application Form: Believe Elite Athletic and Artistic Support Program

Youth Conferences and Events

  • A variety of conferences, events, and gatherings are established and planned each year to promote Elder and Youth connection, cultural learning, and themes that are relevant to Red River Métis Youth.

Youth Employment Opportunities

  • Obtain skills, knowledge, and work experience to confidently take the first steps in career development.

Youth Entrepreneurship Program

  • Stoke your entrepreneurial fire to turn interests into limitless business opportunities and explore new future endeavors.

Provincial Youth Advisory Committee (PYAC)

  • Provide a bridge for communication between regional-level RYACs, and the Youth Programming Department of the MMF Government.

Regional Youth Advisory Committee (RYAC)

  • Members are a crucial aspect to the success of the Red River Métis Youth. By providing a link between regional youth and the MMF, advocating the youth voice, and offering programming ideas, youth members improve the services delivered, ensuring our Youth are provided with the best opportunities.
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